In May, 2008 a hummingbird built its nest in our back yard in easy reach of the camera. I believe it is an Anna's Hummingbird (Calypte anna).

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May 6, Mother on the nest. The eggs have probably already hatched.

May 9, May 9,

May 13,

May 14,

May 15, May 15, They look a bit reptilian.

May 16,

May 17,

May 18, May 18, May 18, They have grown too big for the nest, which is sagging.

May 19,

May 20, May 20, There is a touch of green iridescence now.

May 21,

May 22, May 22, Fascinating how the feathers grow out of what looks like a tube or a drinking straw.

May 23, May 23,The wing feathers are growing very fast.

Now the camera is on a tripod, and I control it from the computer. The birds are more active with me at a distance.

flexing their wings, again,

note the tongue,

Mother appears, feeds Junior, then Senior.

May 24, disaster.

Marilynn strung a sheet below the nest in case they should fall. Sure enough, Senior did fall this morning.

He (she?) crawled onto my finger. Back on the branch.

Mother has been feeding the chicks regularly. I caught her just flying away. The chicks are exercising their wings. Later today Senior left and was on the ground. When I helped him back into the nest he flew across the yard. Mother saw and followed. Junior is still in the nest, but I think by this time tomorrow (6 pm) they will both be gone.

May 25. The mother feeds Junior and then flies across the yard. We think Senior is there and may fly away soon. The entire nest fell out of the tree about 9 am. Junior is still in it.

May 26, 7 am. The nest is silence.

Both the bird and the nest are gone. Odd about the nest. We hope they are out there doing well.

May 31, We saw a bird at the top of the jacaranda. It was small enough that we want to believe it is one of the chicks, now independent.

All photos copyright © David Rowland, 2008