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iPhone tuning application for singers
and other musicians.




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  Perfect Pitch

Perfect Pitch is for singers and other musicians needing accurate pitches in equal temperament.

The simple, direct interface won't confuse during rehearsal or performance:

• Tap a button to choose the note.
• Double tap to go up one octave.
• Touch the volume control between p and f to make it sound.
• Run your finger up or down to adjust the volume.
• Double tap the volume control to keep the note on after you remove your finger. It will remain on until you tap the volume control again. You can change the note while the tone sounds.

It covers two octaves from A (440 Hz) to G# (1661 Hz).
The flip side has a picker to allow setting the basic A to any frequency from 370 Hz to 470 Hz.

The choices are remembered between activations.

It will work on the iPhone and on the iPod Touch (using an earphone on the original Touch).

version, 1.1, October 3, 2008

Lowered the range of pitches to C (261.6 Hz) to B (987.8 Hz)
Corrected and improved the musical staff notation
Increased the maximum volume
Gave finer control over volume at low levels

New version, 1.2, December 5, 2008

The maximum volume was limited by the system volume setting. There is now a control for system volume on the flip side. If the front volume setting is not loud enough, press the i button to flip the panel. Use the control to increase the system volume to maximum.

June 19, 2009

Perfect Pitch has been tested and verified to work with iPhone OS 3.0.

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