Pictures from a trip down the Yampa River through Dinosaur National Monument in June, 2015. The host was American River Touring Association.(ARTA)

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Dinosaur National Monument Map. The trip ran from Deerlodge Park on the left to Split Mountain on the right.

Pre-trip briefing

Rubber duckies

The launch point. Most groups start here, and many launch each day.

On the water at last.

This trip is notable for scenery more than white water.

First stop.

First meal.

Outdoor sanitation. It's amazing how quickly one adapts to a pot with a view.

The sign on the restroom "door".

Each person is given a large and a small rubberized canvas bag. The small for things you will use during the day, the large for clothing, sleeping bag, etc.

Getting the plan for the day.

Bighorn sheep

A find on the beach.

The crew: Kelley, Kelso, Ry, Wyatt and Sam

Typical tent setup.

Breakfast, can you believe it?

The crew often slept on the boats sometimes on shore.

Space on the water

Had a heavy rainfall one day. The runoff came by dozens of waterfalls from the canyon walls.

Rainy day waterfalls

Rainy runoff



Tamarisk. It's considered an invader, but the blossoms are pretty.


Peaceful paddling

Zebra Wall.

Zebra wall

Cross bedded sandstone

Quiet passage.

In camp

Camp with chairs


Peaceful paddling

Ry and Wyatt

Warm Springs rapid

Rainy day kitchen

Rainy day dinner

Melon eating contest, Sam and Wyatt


The Yampa is undammed but the Green has a dam. Here is the confluence. Dams remove silt from the water, the Yampa carries plenty.

The geological variety is astounding.

I rented my tent from ARTA. It was big enough for two. The rainfly was puzzling even to this engineer.

Afternoon visitor

Rangers patrol the river making sure everyone is safe, happy and following the rules.

Rock wall

Long rapid

Dinner on the last night is a dress-up occasion. "Dress" being literally interpreted.

Bocce ball, or something like.

Pineapple upside down cake. You can do anything with a Dutch oven.

On the river

On the river

Geology lesson

In the rapids

Last morning.

Island Park is a calm, beautiful counterpoint to the canyons we passed through.

Geology again.

The takeout point. We left our cars here at the start and were bussed to the launch point.

Met a lovely dog at the Dinosaur "museum".